Scacce recipe


Scacce - Ingredients: Ingredients for the dough: 1 kg of wheat flour; 1 egg; half a stick of yeast; water; salt; olive oil (1/2 cup). *Condiments: fried eggplant, tomato and cheese (provolone cheese and cacao cavallo), or cottage cheese and sausage.

Preparation - Prepare the dough with flour, whole egg, a pinch of salt and warm water, working the mixture until you get a soft dough. Open, prick the dough with your fingers and pour over the olive oil. Work again until complete absorption of the oil. Spread a thin round sheet if necessary with the help of a bit of flour and with a rolling pin. Pour the sauce on the dough and spread it * all the way around, leaving a margin of one centimeter, season again with oil. The scaccia is closed by wrapping the dough from the two parts and the width should be 7-8 cm, having reached the center of the pastry close the two sides as a book and the edges with an edge. Sprinkle the surface of the casts of olive oil or beaten egg, place it on a greased baking sheet and bake at 250°C until golden brown. When the dough has taken a beautiful golden color, take out of the oven.