Beaches in Messina area


To the east of the Tyrrhenian coast, begins the long coastline of the province of Messina. Long beaches and vegetation consisting of citrus, start stretching from the beach of Castel di Tusa, through TorremuzzaSanto Stefano di CamastraSant'Agata di Militello to Capo d'Orlando. Also in this area you will find pristine beaches, among them Testa di MonacoSan Gregorio to the beautiful coast of Capo Calavà, going to the beach in Brolo, which was formed in the course of time, thanks to the sediments transported by the river Naso.

These enchanting beaches overlooking the Aeolian Islands, as St. George’s, a small fraction of Gioiosa MareaPatti; the lakes of Marinello, to the beach of Tindari dominated by the promontory on which stands the Cathedral of the Black Madonna. Going towards Messina, you pass by the coasts of Funari, Tonnarella, Caldera to the promontory of Capo Milazzo, which has beaches and sea connections to the Aeolian Islands. In the Ionian coast, you can see the beaches of Scaletta, Cape Ali, Nizza di Sicilia, which is the largest beach in the province of Messina. The itinerary continues with the beaches of Roccalumera, S. Alessio Siculo (where it’s clearly visible from the impressive castle which stands on the promontory of Cape St. Alexis), and ends with the sea resorts of Taormina and Giardini Naxos.