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Egadi Islands - Marettimo


The Marettimo Island, the most mountainous of 'Egadi, has the shape of a quadrilateral whose tips are represented by: Punta Troy; They base peak; Cretazzo Punta and Punta Mugnone. Discover also Favignana and Levanzo.

The highest peak of the island is Monte Falcone, with a height of 684 meters above sea level. Other peaks are Lace Bell, 600 meters, Lace Scaturro, 550 meters, Mt Lissandro, 515 meters; Lace Spalmatore, and Monte Castiglio.

One of the most exciting opportunities that the island offers is that you can stay at the homes of the fishermen, and rent a boat to complete the circumnavigation of the island. Among the most interesting excursions, guests can visit the Caves of the Camel, the Bombarda and the Nativity.

The most striking point of the island is Cala Manione. In addition, in the extreme northwestern tip of Marettimo, you can see a castle that stands on the foundations of a lookout tower, built in the ninth century by the Saracens.

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