Isola di Ustica - Palermo


The name "Ustica", given to the island by the Romans, comes from "ustum“, burned, because of its black and jagged lava rocks, eroded tuff and its cones and craters. The island is a Nature Reserve and Marine Protected Area.

The natural features of the island are the numerous caves that open along the craggy coastline, the wonderful reefs and shoals present around it. An interesting hiking trail is the Rock Falconiera, which reveals striking evidence of ancient human settlements on the island. As for the routes to the sea, we highlight several paths divers of surface, allowing you to discover the most distinctive and popular seabed of the island. Among the most suitable locations  the Blue Grotto , the Cave Pastizza and the Academy, the Cave of the boats , the Green Grotto, the Natural Pool in Punta Cavazzi , Cala Sidoti , Cala Madonna, Carruggio , the Faraglioni and the cave of Gold . Thanks to the presence of private diving centers you can also go scuba diving locations like Cave Crayfish, ARPA Punta, Punta Cavazzi, Rock and Tunnel Doctor, Dry Colombara, Punta Omo Morto, Cave of Cape Falconiera. In the world of underwater, Ustica is a world-class destination for the richness of its waters and the many activities that are hosted regularly, such as the International Festival of Underwater Activities, and the International Festival of Underwater Cinematography. The island is also home to the International Academy of Underwater Sciences and Techniques. To visit also the Aquarius Spalmatore in the Marine Reserve, and the Archaeological Museum submarine.