South-East beaches, a paradise for your family holidays in Sicily


Beaches in South-East Sicily are one of the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean - ideal for family holidays.

South-East Sicily is well known for its UNESCO-protected baroque towns, the famous Montalbano TV series and its amazing food. South-East Sicily, however, is also a place with pristine beaches of golden sand and crystal clear waters. They are ideal for family holidays  because of their beauty, cleanliness and easy accessibility. 


Unique Experiences 

Imagine waking up in one of our amazing villas, so close to the beach that you can smell the salt in the early morning sea breeze. A prepared  breakfast on the patio and then the kids can rush into the swimming pool or go play at the beach. The weather in the South-East is mild across the year.




Beautiful Family Villas

IsulaSicilia has a great selection of villas with swimming pools close to the beach, in Santa Maria del Focallo, Pozzallo, Marina di Modica, Sampieri or Marina di Ragusa. Get lost exploring the sea dunes that can trick you into thinking you are in a dessert landscape with the local flora offering pleasant oasis along the way. 




Immaculate beaches, suitable for children of all ages

The beaches of Marina di Ragusa, Pozzallo, Pietrenere, Raganzino and Santa Maria del Focallo are all certified Blue Flag beaches. This means that beyond their obvious beauty they also offer everything required in terms of additional services to make a day at the beach a real pleasure and stress-free. While the kids are enjoying the beautiful sand building castles you can rent an umbrella and beach chair and relax with a drink. The lifeguards vigilant eye is making sure everyone is behaving in a safe way.
 At lunch time there is plenty of choice and a never ending supply of ice-creams! 

Keep in mind that all the beaches also all have free access - so if you want to enjoy a DIY picnic you are more than welcomed everywhere




Always something special to do

Sicily is such an amazing travel destination because every day can offer new experiences and wonderful adventures. Move from one beach to another and explore the villages and towns close by. Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica, Noto and Marzamemi are full of beautiful history and culture, wonderful shops and restaurants to die for. 
Hike around the countryside and discover the amazing history that shaped this island through its archeological sites with the help of the expert archeologists turned tour guides of Uncovered Sicily.
At night, back in the villa catch the sunset across the sea, enjoy a dinner full of fresh ingredients or head back out to catch Sicilians enjoying the cool night breeze and get a sense of real local food in restaurants like Taverna Nicastro, Osteria dei Sapori Perduti, Locanda del Colonnello of Modica, or Baqqalà of Scicli.


taverna nicastro