Teatro Greco - Taormina


The Greek Theatre in Taormina is an extraordinary testimony of the Old Sicily. One of the main features of this beautiful monument is its location, drawn and carved into the hillside.

The first plant, from the Hellenistic period, probably dates from the third century BC, and the renovation and expansion seem to date from the time of Augustus.

The heart of the theater, the auditorium had such magnitude to place the monument in second place after that of Syracuse in Sicily. The auditorium was divided into nine sectors of the stands. For the upper rows of seats were accessed from the outside via a ramp from the west and a scale from EST. In advanced and late Roman Empire, the theater was no longer the privileged seat of stage performances, but space for gladiator fights with wild beasts. This led to a transformation of the theater auditorium, the orchestra turned to the arena. Today the theater is dedicated to theater events and concerts.