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South-East beaches, a paradise for your family holidays in Sicily

Date created: Mon, 05 Feb, 2018
Beaches in South-East Sicily are one of the best kept secrets of the Mediterranean - ideal for family holidays.

South-East Sicily is well known for its UNESCO-protected baroque towns, the famous Montalbano TV series and its amazing food. South-East Sicily, however, is also a place with pristine beaches of golden sand and crystal clear waters....

What to see in Sicily: Top 20 places not to miss!

Date created: Mon, 07 Nov, 2016

What to see in Sicily?

Here's the ranking of the TOP 20 places to visit, recommended by over 400,000 fans of Holidays in Sicily, to help you choose where to go and what to see. Find out what you shouldn't miss and than start to search your Holiday Villa in Sicily! :-)

We asked the fans of our Facebook page to tell us the places they...

Riserva dello Zingaro - Natural reserve in Trapani

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

The Zingaro Nature Reserve covers the western edge of the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily, between Scopello and San Vito lo Capo, an area of ​​1650 hectares.

The Reserve was established in 1981 and is managed by the State Forests of the Sicily Region. Among the various bays of the Reserve, to remember: the Cala Capreria, Cala del Varo, Cala...

Protected Area Plemmirio

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

The Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio, established in 2004, is located near Syracuse. It extends over the eastern part of the peninsula Magdalene and occupies a perimeter of 12 km of coast from Punta della Mola to Cape Murro di Porco and to Punta Milocca. In this stretch of coast are numerous caves of great interest for caving navy, including...

City of Taormina

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

Taormina is a small town in the province of Messina, certainly one of the most popular international tourist centers of Sicily. Rich in natural resources, of extraordinary coasts and monuments of great historical and cultural value, Taormina welcomes tourists and visitors all year round.

The main monuments of the city are: the Greek...

Beaches in Agrigento area

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

From north to south, the route of the beaches of the province of Agrigento, offers beautiful stretches of coastline, cliffs and beaches of fine sand.

In Menfi, you can see the beaches of Porto Palo and Lido Flower; in Sciacca, there are the beaches of Stazzone, the tuna fishery Lido, Lido of Foggia, Capo San Marco, San Giorgio and Lido...

Beaches in Trapani

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

Among the beaches of the city of Trapani, San Giuliano is certainly the largest, stretching over two kilometers of the coast. Passing San Giuliano, you can see another 15 km of small bays that run through the town of Pizzolungo, Bonagia, Lido Valderice up to the Gulf of Cornino and the Natural Reserve of Monte Cofano. Still near Trapani, you...

Beaches in Siracusa area

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

Among the main beaches and shorelines of the Syracuse area, we recall: the beach of Arenella, located just beyond the Peninsula and the Magdalen, which is about 20 minutes by car from the city center. Here there are both white sandy cliffs, lapped by crystal clear; the seaside village of...

Beaches in Ragusa area

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

The coast of the Province of Ragusa offers about 50 km of coastline stretching from Scoglitti to Pozzallo.

The small marine fraction of Scoglitti on the coast of the Gulf of Gela, in addition to being full of bars, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, ice cream parlors, has also houses a fully equipped touristic port and the stage of the annual...

Beaches in Palermo

Date created: Thu, 03 Nov, 2016

To the west of the Tyrrhenian coast, are the coasts of the province of Palermo, beaches alternate with stretches of breathtaking cliffs.

The small fraction dell'Addaura , located along the northern slope of Mount Pellegrino, over Punta Priola, is known for its natural caves, including the Cave dell'Addaura inside which are suggestive of...