Eolie Islands - Stromboli


The island of Stromboli rises from depths ranging from 1,100 to 1,200 meters. Its summit, called Serra Vancori, is the result of an ancient volcanic crater, formed by andesitic lavas.

The four morphological units that make up the island are: the ancient volcano layer of Serra Vancori south; the summit, 500 meters north of the first; the present crater with five active vents, 300 meters north of the summit; the Neck Strombolicchio.

On the opposite side to the village of Stromboli is the Sciara del Fuoco, the famous black bowl where for centuries, poured the spectacular lava flows of the volcano. At night, from here, you can see the activity of the volcano, admiring scenery extraordinarily unique.

On the south side of Stromboli, lies the village of Ginostra, with its harbor, which is the world's smallest, Harbor Pertuso.

The beaches of the island, composed of black sand, are: Forgia Vecchia, 300mt south of the pier Scari, and Ficogrande, halfway between Scari and Piscità.

Among the major tours, in addition to being able to reach the top of the volcano, you can go to the Punta Bronze, to visit the Observatory of the Navy.