Lampedusa Island


The Island of Lampedusa in the province of Agrigento, it is the largest of the Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean.

Beyond Punta Guitgia, which closes the inlet to the west of the harbor, the next stretch of coastline is a succession of coves: Cala Croce and Cala Madonna, Cala Greca and Cala Galera, with its famous cave. After a stretch of higher coast, surmounting the Bay of Tabaccara, you arrive on the "Isola dei Conigli" hosting the beach of the same name (on the island come to lay their eggs, the famous turtles "Caretta Caretta“, known to be a protected species). Right after you will find the beautiful Cala Pulcino and the Vallone dell'Acqua.

On the northern side of the island you can admire the extraordinary rocks: Pignolta, Sacramento and Stack. Follow Punta Wall, Punta Chapel which falls sheer to the sea, Cala Ruperta, Punta Taccio Vecchio and punta Alaimo. Arrived in Cape Grecale, known for its lighthouse, you can visit many other coves:Cala Calandra, Cala Creta, Cala Pisa and Cala Uccello, frequented by boats and by divers attracted by the variety of fish. Exceeded the traits of Punta Parrino, which closes the gulf, and Punta Sottile, start the bays of the southern Cala Maluk and Cala French, also known as Cala Spugna. In the large bay that houses the port, there are other beautiful coves and tips: the headland of the White Horse, Cala Palma, Punta Health and Punta Favolaro.

The island has the Marine Protected Area "Pelagian IslandsLampedusa and Lampione“, established in 2002.