Absolutely wonderful

Absolutely wonderful by M. Baas - Netherland from IsulaTravel

Absolutely wonderful. Great location..just a small footpath separated the villa from the beach. The villa itself has all the amenities you need which makes life so much easier. The pool was great and it is well decorated with nice furniture. Within 45min drive there are plenty of things to do like going to the stunning villages of Syracusa and Noto.

We booked the villa with a 'experience package'. We can highly recommend it since the experiences are on a very small scale therefore are very unique. We thank Francesco and Giulia for their guidance.

So here is my top 5: 1. Take a glass of wine in the evening and enjoy just the sound of the waves. 2. Take a or multiple yoga sessions from Body vibes yoga. It will take you to a place far away from your daily thoughts. 3. Book a wine tasting in the country side 4. Have a private chef cook for you in the garden with the sea as a backdrop. Food is amazing and you feel like a billionaire. 5. Go to Noto and enjoy the historic architecture. PS. We even had a private professional swimming teacher Piero, who gave swimming lessons to our 5 year old daughter. She had so much fun and learned a lot.